Step by Step Instructions

1) Go to your online banking and select Interac e-Transfer.
2) If you do not have Interac e-Transfer set up, follow the instructions to set up
 “send and accept e-Transfer”.
3) Enter your email OR cell phone number.
4) Add Westwood Alliance Church as a new payee and enter the Church’s email address「」. Some bank may require verification of your identity during the setup.
5) After registration, you may proceed to send your offering.
6) Please enter in Message or Details or Reference your name and specify designation of your offering

GF = General Fund
MF = Mission Fund
BF = Building Fund
BVF = Benevolence Fund
OT = Others (please specify)(Example: Peter Chan GF 100 MF 100)

6) The bank will email the Church when the e-Transfer is done. 


一)  到你的網上銀行戶口內,選擇電子轉賬 Interac e-Transfer
二)若你未曾開設電子轉賬戶口,請按網上指示開設 “send and accept e-Transfer”
三)輸入你的電郵地址 或 手提電話號碼
四)加入 Westwood Alliance Church 為接受者 (payee) 及輸入教會電郵地址 , 在以上過程中,個別銀行或會要求你確認身份
五)完成電子轉賬登記後,可開始以 e-Transfer 奉獻, 在 Message 或 Details 或 Reference 請註明你的姓名、指定奉獻類別及金額

GF = General Fund 常費,
MF = Mission Fund 差傳,
BF = Building Fund 建堂 ,
BVF = Benevolent Fund 慈惠,
OT = Others (請註明)  (例子 : Peter Chan GF 100 MF 100)