Worship Service via Online

Last updated April 15th, 2020

Due to the severe situation with COVID-19 and British Columbia's state of emergency status, we are moving all worships services to the online platform 100% until further notice.  

Westwood Alliance takes Worshipping together as a body of Christ seriously (1 Corinthians 12:12-27), as we believe you do as well, that is why you chose Westwood as your home church. Please join us online at our regular Worship Service time on our Facebook page or Youtube Channel:

Facebook Page click here
Youtube Channel click here

Audio recordings can also be found in our “Sermons” page as usual. For Sermons (Audio) please click here 

For any future Westwood updates in ways of operation, please refer to the “News” section of our website. For news link please click here

**When you are redirected to the Facebook page from westwoodac.org, you may encounter "log in" notification. If you don't have a Facebook account, you can just ignore the notice and go straight to the live feed when available.



1. 由於新型肺炎的疫情嚴重以及卑斯省實施緊急狀態,高宣的各堂崇拜已全面改為「網上崇拜」形式進行,直至另行通知。

2. 高宣認真地將信徒們一起敬拜視為建立基督的身體(林前十二:12-27),相信你也會一同參與,因為我們都視高宣為屬靈的家。大家可在按平常崇拜時段,進入以下連結到高宣臉書專頁或YouTube專頁進行「網上崇拜」:


3. 講道的錄音會如常上載於高宣網站,連結如下:講道錄音

4. 對於將來有任何操作方式上的更新,請密切注意以下連結高宣網站的「最新消息」連結如下:最新消息