Booking Procedures and Policies  

*Please note: The Main Foyer and the Connection Room are reserved for special events use only. No other bookings will be taken for these areas.

1. Please review the Calendar at the bottom of this page to view a list of rooms that are currently booked and which are available.

2. Fill in the form below. If your preferred room is already booked, we will do our best to give you a room of similar size. If there is a specific room you must use (ie kitchen) but it is already booked, you will need to make arrangements with the existing booking. 

3. You will be contacted with a confirmation of the events booking via telephone or email.                        NOTE: Bookings are given based on the need of ALL groups and NOT reserved on a first-come-first-served basisDO NOT assume that your room is confirmed until a notice of confirmation is given.

This booking system is for the internal programs of Westwood Alliance Church Ministries only. Priority of all bookings are given to our regularly scheduled church programs. Please contact our office if you have any other inquiries.