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Praise the Lord!

With the recent BC updates regarding holding in-person services, Westwood Alliance Church is excited to officially reopen its doors to the public. 

Below we have provided the latest updates to help you prepare for coming back in person.

According to B.C. Stage 3 Reopen plan, the PHO restrictions on religious worship services have been removed. It means: 

1) Face Mask is required, 

2) Pre-registration is not required as well as temperature checking at the entrance, 

3) Social distancing of 2 meters, assigned seating, and designated entrance and exit of the building are not required,

4) No restrictions on the number of worshippers, 

5) Singing and passing the elements of Communion are permissible.

We will still be live streaming on Sundays as well on our YouTube channel

Service times are:

Mandarin: 8:45 am

Intercultural: 10:15 am

Cantonese: 11:45 am (Sundays) | 5 pm (Saturdays)

We look forward to seeing you in person!




根據第三階段的 BC 省重啓指引,教會崇拜不再設限制。新常態包括: 

1) 必須戴囗罩,

2) 無須預先登記,或入場探熱,

3) 無須強制2米社交距離,指定坐位及進出口,

4) 不設崇拜人數限制, 

5) 不再限制唱歌及傳聖餐。


各堂崇拜仍會在高宣Youtube 頻道作同步直播。

國語: 早上8:45 
英語(跨文化堂): 早上10:15
粤語: 早上11:45(週日) / 下午5時(週六)