Online / In-Person Worship services

In response to the new announced COVID-19 restrictions on Nov 19, all in-person worship will
be suspended and switch to online service effective immediately until further notice. Thank you for your understanding. Any inquiries feel free to contact office or your pastor.

Please check our News and Announcements for the latest Online worship services here.

,直至另行通知。謝謝您的諒解。 如有任何疑問,請隨時與辦公室或您的牧者聯繫。

關於我們最新的網上主日崇拜資訊請瀏覽我們 「消息及報告」網頁。


Starting July, Westwood Alliance Church will resume In-Person services in English and Cantonese based on a rotating monthly schedule (upon request by leadership of the Mandarin congregation, they join our rotation later):  

1st / 2nd Week of the month  9:45am Intercultural

3rd / 4th Week of the month  9:00am Mandarin 

Every Week of Sunday  11:45am Cantonese

Every Week of Saturday 5:00pm Cantonese Family Service

5th Week of the month, if applicable All services online

All details please check with Policies and Guidelines For Re-Opening In-Church Worship.

Participants can call the office or REGISTER here


每月第一主日 / 第二主日   9:45am 跨文化崇拜

第月第三主日 / 第四主日   9:00am 國語崇拜 

每個主日   11:45am 粵語崇拜

每個週六     5:00pm 粵語家庭崇拜

每月第五主日(視當月情況) 所有崇拜在網上進行