Policies and guidelines for reopening in-person worship        

June 2021

As threat of COVID-19 continues, in following Jesus’ teaching to “love your neighbour as yourself,” we will continue to take the following actions:

Worship Service:

Sunday Services Please check with In-Person Worship guidelines.  Please contact the office for registration if you want to experience in person worship earlier.  We can still join our hearts together for worship at our YouTube channel.

Service time:

Mandarin: 9:00 am (reopening will start in September)

English: 9:45 am   (soft reopening will start on June 20)

Cantonese: 11:45 am  (reopening  will start on June 20) |  Saturday 5 pm (reopening will start on July 3)

2021年 6 


1.1 實體崇拜,請參閱 實體主日資訊 通過 YouTube 上的轉播同心敬拜。

國語:上午 9:00  (9月開始重啟
英語:上午 9:45 (6月20日(試)重啟)
廣東話:上午 11:45(6月20日重啟)| 週六  下午 5:00 (7月3日重啟)