Starting July, Westwood Alliance Church will resume in-person services in English and Cantonese based on a rotating monthly schedule (upon request by leadership of the Mandarin congregation, they join our rotation later):  

3rd Week of the month (July 19) 11:30am Cantonese

4th Week of the month (July 26) 11:30am Cantonese

5th Week of the month, if applicable All services online

1st Week of the month (August 2) 10:15am Intercultural

2nd Week of the month (August 9) 10:15am Intercultural

A new family friendly Cantonese worship service is scheduled every Saturday at 5 pm.

All details please check with Policies and Guidelines For Re-Opening In-Church Worship.

Participants can call the office or REGISTER here 


第月第三主日(7月19日) 11:30am 粵語崇拜

每月第四主日(7月26日) 11:30am 粵語崇拜

每月第五主日(視當月情況) 所有崇拜在網上進行

每月第一主日(8月2日) 10:15am 跨文化崇拜

每月第二主日(8月9日) 10:15am 跨文化崇拜



參加者可致電辦公室或 點擊此處留位