Response to Concerns over COVID-19 Pandemic.

March 19, 2020

As threat of COVID-19 continues, we will take the following actions:

1. Worship Service:

1.1. All public gatherings include Sunday Service will switch to online effective immediately. We can still join our hearts together for worship through live streaming on Face Book. Service time:

Mandarin: 9:00 am, English: 10:15 am, Cantonese: 11:30 am.

1.2. We will continue to use individually prepackaged cup/wafer for Communion. You can choose either to pick up the elements during office hours beforehand or prepare your own grape juice and cracker/bread at home.

1.3. We will continue offering as an act of worship. New offering practice can be done through:

1.3.1. Bring to church during office hours

1.3.2. Direct deposit: HSBC Bank of Canada Account:

Westwood Alliance Church, account #170-284190-080

Place the deposit receipt in our offering envelope and return it to church OR Email copy of deposit receipt to Be sure to specify your offering designation.

1.4. Good Friday and Easter Sunday services will be live streamed through Face Book.

Good Friday (April 10): Mandarin: 9:00 am, English: 10:15 am, Cantonese: 7:30 pm

Easter Sunday (April 12): Mandarin: 9:00 am, English: 10:15 am, Cantonese: 11:30 am

1.5. Baptism postponed to later in the year.

2. Emergency Crisis Care Fund (ECCF)

2.1. We have set up an “Emergency Crisis Care Fund” (ECCF) to help people in our community who have been directly affected in this crisis. If you want to contribute, please specify your offering designation as “ECCF.”

2.2. Apply for financial help, please contact any pastor or Elder. 

3. Fellowship/Cell groups/Sunday School:

In times like this, taking care and connecting with one another become necessary. We will not stop fellowshipping but just change to other ways to do it. Many fellowships and cell groups have already switched to “Zoom” gathering. Sunday school class will also change to online learning. Stay connected and keep caring for one another especially the elderly or the sick.

4. Church Administration:

4.1. “Work at home” policy has implemented for most staffs until further notice. 

4.2. Office will be open Monday-Saturday 9:30 – 11:30 am mainly for essential operations.

4.3. You can drop off your offering or pick up elements for Communion during office hours. 

5. Others: 

5.1. If you come back from anywhere outside of Canada, make sure to self-isolate for 14 days.

5.2. If you have close contact, e.g. staying in the same house, with someone going through self-isolation, you should also practice self-isolation.  

5.3. If developed any flu-like symptoms at anytime, seek medical attention immediately by first calling the health hotline 811.

5.4. Stay home especially if you belong to the high risk population.

5.5. Practice social distancing at all time. Avoid hand shaking, hugging, or any close contact behavior but rather use nodding, smiling, waving to show brotherly/sisterly love to one another.

5.6. Wash hands with water and soap thoroughly and frequently.

5.7. Avoid touching your face with unsensitized hands.  

For further government information,

go to:

Be vigilant, but no need to overreact or panic. It is always a Christian virtue to keep good personal hygiene and be considerate to others. In times like this, what we need more is care and compassion, not worries and concerns. What we need more is vigilance and bravery, not fear and anxiety.

Psalm 121: I lift up my eyes to the mountains, where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth. … The Lord will keep you from all harm, he will watch over your life; the Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.



1. 崇拜:



1.2我們將繼續使用單獨包裝的聖餐杯餅。您可以選擇在辦公時間內預先提取,也可以在家準備自己的葡萄汁和餅乾/麵包。 1.3繼續以奉獻作為敬拜。奉獻可以通過以下方式進行:


1.3.2直接存款:加拿大匯豐銀行 帳戶:

Westwood Alliance Church,帳戶#170-284190-080


1.4受難日和復活節崇拜將通過Face Book直播。

受難日崇拜(4月10日): 國語:上午9:00,英語:上午10:15,廣東話:晚上7:30




2.1我們設立了“緊急危機關愛基金”(簡稱ECCF),以幫助社區中直接受此疫情影響的人仕。如果您想捐款,請指定“ ECCF”。






4.2辦公室的開放時間改為周一至週六上午9:30 – 11:30,主要維持基本運作。







5.5遵守安全的 “人際空間” 規則。避免握手,擁抱或任何親密接觸的行為,而應點頭,微笑,揮手以表示彼此的關愛。





詩篇121: 我 要 向 山 舉 目 ; 我 的 幫 助 從 何 而 來 ?我 的 幫 助 從 造 天 地 的 耶 和 華 而 來 … 耶 和 華 要 保 護 你 , 免 受 一 切 的 災 害 ; 他 要 保 護 你 的 性 命 。你 出 你 入 , 耶 和 華 要 保 護 你 , 從 今 時 直 到 永 遠 。