Update on Response to Concerns over COVID-19 Outbreak. Feb 14, 2020

1) Be watchful if you recently visited China or Hong Kong and other seriously affected areas, if developed any flu-like symptoms, seek medical attention immediately.

2) It is advisable to stay home and self quarantine for 14 days when you come back from those affected areas.

3) Avoid crowded places if your immune system is weak or developed flu-like symptoms.

4) Wash hands with water and soap thoroughly and frequently.

5) Avoid touching your face with unsensitized hands.

6) Hand-sanitizers are available in many open areas of the church.

7) Limited amount of face masks available in office upon requests for in-church use.

8) Be sensitive to feelings of those who wear masks or recently returned from overseas travel. Any discriminatory/sarcastic language and/or gesture will not be welcomed in our midst.

9) Some of the regular programs have been suspended until further notice, please check with your leaders.

10) Starting from February until further notice, we will use individually prepackaged cup/wafers for Communion.

Be vigilant, but no need to overreact or panic. It is always a Christian virtue to keep good personal hygiene and be considerate to others.

更新回應對新型冠狀病毒的關注: 2020 年 2 月 14 日

1)如果您最近到訪過中國和/或香港等城市或受嚴重影響的地區,請多加注意。 如果出現類似流感的症狀,請立即求醫。

2) 建議您從那些受影響的地區回來時,請在家中自我隔離14天。

3) 如果您的免疫系統較弱或出現類似流感的症狀,除求醫外,請盡量留在家中並避開人多擁擠的地方。



6) 教會多處設置消毒洗手液,歡迎使用。


8)對戴著口罩或剛從海外旅行回來人仕的感受要敏銳。 我們不歡迎任何帶有歧視/諷刺成份的語言和/或態度對待別人。

9) 一些經常活動已被暫停,直至另行通告,請與個別負責人查詢確認。

10)從 2 月開始直至另行通告,聖餐將使用單獨包裝的杯餅,避免觸碰及可 能傳播細菌。

保持警惕,但無需過度反應或驚慌。 保持個人衛生和顧及他人,永遠是一種基督徒應有的美德。