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Date: June 11 (Saturday)

Time: 2:30-4:30pm

Venue: Riverside Community Church at 2329 Fremont Connector, Port Coquitlam, BC

Program: Guided dance, photo session, light refreshment

Dress code: Semi-formal (Dress like how you would when you go to a wedding! Daddy, wear a suit, and daughter, pick your favorite beautiful evening dress!)

Fee: $10 per person (same price for daddies and daughters).

· No dance experience is required! Someone will show you what to do. Just come and create memories with your family!

·   Daddy, you can bring more than one daughter! 

· Daughter, if you have a fatherly figure that you would like to honor, please bring him!

· There is no age limit for this event

·Buy the ticket to treat your dad! This is a perfect Father’s Day gift for him! 


WAC website to search for this event and complete the registration form

· Register at the booth in person on Saturday/Sunday Worship


· You may eTransfer to

· Pay cash at the booth in person on Saturday/Sunday Worship  

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