Join the Challenge!

Starting January 24th, Westwood Kids is launching a brand new, 21 week, Sunday School program for families to do at home. Take the challenge and join us on a journey through the New Testament!

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"The Lord said to me, "Eat this scroll. Then go and speak to the people of Israel.""  Ezekiel 3:1


New Q&A Program to Connect, Teach and Challenge!
Discipleship is Unstoppable!

Even though many things are different right now because of COVID-19, we are trying to make sure that learning about God doesn't stop. Instead of AWANA, we are running a simpler program using Questions and Answers to teach Bible truth. We will meet virtually via Zoom

  • On Friday 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm or Saturday 4 pm to 5 pm
  • For kids aged 5 to grade 5.
  • Friday Program is FULL.
  • Limited space on Saturday Program.
  • Please contact Monique Chan for any inquiries.


Q&A Session 3 - Salvation
We have had so much fun learning about Jesus in our second session. Now we are in our third session studying Salvation!