預苦期 | 第六週

Jesus was arrested and brought before the religious leaders of his time, who falsely accused him of blasphemy. He was then taken to the Roman governor, Pontius Pilate, who found no fault in him but was pressured by the crowd to have him crucified (Luke 23:1-24)

As we look at our world today, we are pressured by external voices leading us to be fearful and give in to what other people want us to do. Jesus also faced fear as a human.

However, when we look at how Jesus endured His trial and crucifixion, He walked this path to the cross with God side by side and won the victory. Before Jesus breathed his last, he said: “Father, into your hands I commit my spirit.”  When he had said this, he breathed his last. Luke 23:46

As humans, we are faced with fears when we go through them alone. But with God, we are able to overcome them by surrendering them to God and walking with Him.

Reflecting upon Jesus' trial and sacrifice, let us remember the message of hope and redemption that he brought to the world. May we strive to walk in his footsteps and lead others closer to God’s love.

耶穌被捕,被帶到當時的宗教領袖面前,控告他褻瀆神。 之後他被帶到羅馬總督彼拉多那裡,彼拉多並沒有發現他有錯,但在人群的壓力下將他釘在十字架上(路加福音 23:1-24)

環視現今世界,當我們常受到外部的壓力,以致我們害怕並屈服於其他人希望我們做的事情,其實作為一個人,耶穌也曾面臨過恐懼。 然而,當我們看到耶穌是如何忍受他的試煉和釘十字架,這條路是與神並肩而行地走向十字架,並且得勝的。

在耶穌的最後一口氣之前,他說: *46*「父啊!我將我的靈魂交在你手裏。」說了這話,氣就斷了。路加福音 23:46


讓我們一同反思耶穌的審判和犧牲,去記念祂給這世界的盼望與拯救, 願我們努力追隨他的腳步,帶領更多人接近上帝的愛。




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