Response to Concerns over COVID-19 Pandemic.

October, 2020

As threat of COVID-19 continues, in following Jesus’ teaching to “love your neighbour as yourself,” we will continue to take the following actions:

1. Worship Service:

1.1. Sunday Services Please check with In-Person Worship.  We can still join our hearts together for worship at our YouTube channel.

Service time: Mandarin: 9:00 am, English: 10:15 am, Cantonese: 11:30 am.

1.2. We continue to use individually prepackaged cup/wafer for Communion. You can choose either to pick up the elements during office hours beforehand or prepare your own grape juice and cracker / bread at home.

1.3. We continue offering as an act of worship. New offering practice details please check with Give     

2. Pastoral Care

Feel free to contact any pastor for support and spiritual counsel. If you need individual pastor’s cell phone number, please contact office.     

3. Fellowship/Cell groups/Sunday School

In times like this, taking care and connecting with one another become even more necessary.  We do not stop fellowshipping but just change to other formats. Different fellowships and cell groups have already switched to “virtual” gathering. Sunday school classes continue with online learning.

4. Church Administration

4.1. Office hours: Monday-Friday 9:30 am – 5:30 pm, Saturday 9:00 am – 1:00 noon.

4.2. You can drop off your offering or pick up elements for Communion during office hours.

4.3. Make appointment before you come should you require a face to face meeting with any staff. 

5. Health and Safety Protocols for Visitors:

5.1. Wear mask or face covering before entering the building unless you have certain medical conditions.

5.2. Mask can be provided should you need one (for a suggested charge of $1.00).

5.3. Sanitize your hands and sign in at entrance (sign out is also required when leaving).

5.4. Use only designated doors to enter and exit the building.

5.5. No longer provide non-essential communal items, such as magazines, stationeries, and public-use phone.

5.6. Water dispensers or any beverages will no longer available. Please bring your own.

5.6. Observe social distancing at all time. Adhere to occupancy limit at any public space.

5.7. Use provided sanitize wipes to clean all touching surfaces before and after use.

5.8. Dispose face mask and / or sanitize wipes responsibly.

6. Others

6.1. If you come back from anywhere outside of Canada, make sure to self-isolate for 14 days.

6.2. If you have close contact, e.g. staying in the same house, with someone going through self isolation, you should also practice self-isolation.

6.3. If developed any flu-like symptoms at anytime, seek medical attention immediately by first calling the health hotline 811.

6.4. Stay home especially if you belong to the high-risk population.

6.5. Practice social distancing at all time. Avoid hand shaking, hugging, or any close contact behavior but rather use nodding, smiling, waving to show brotherly / sisterly love to one another.

6.6. Wash hands with water and soap thoroughly and frequently.

6.7. Avoid touching your face with unsensitized hands.

For further government information,

go to:

Be vigilant, but no need to overreact or panic. It is always a Christian virtue to keep good personal hygiene and be considerate to others. In times like this, what we need more is care and compassion, not worries and concerns. What we need more is vigilance and bravery, not fear and anxiety.

Psalm 121:

I lift up my eyes to the mountains, where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth. … The Lord will keep you from all harm, he will watch over your life; the Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.


隨著 COVID-19 威脅的持續存在,我們遵照主耶穌愛人如己的教導,繼續採取以下行動:


1. 崇拜

1.1 實體崇拜,請參閱 實體主日資訊 通過 YouTube 上的轉播同心敬拜。

崇拜時間:國語:上午 9:00,英語:上午 10:15,廣東話:上午 11:30。

1.2 我們繼續使用單獨包裝的聖餐杯餅。您可以選擇在辦公時間內預先提取,也可以在家準備自己的葡萄汁和餅乾 / 麵包。

1.3 繼續以奉獻作為敬拜。奉獻方式請查閱:  網頁

2. 牧養

歡迎隨時聯繫任何牧者尋求精神支持或靈命輔助。 如果您需要個別牧者的手機號碼,請聯繫辦公室索取。

3. 團契/小組/主日學


4. 教會行政

4.1 辦公室開放時間: 週一至週五上午 9:30 – 下午5:30,週六上午 9:00 – 中午 1:00

4.2 您可以在辦公時間內將奉獻帶到教會或預先提取單獨包裝的聖餐杯餅。

4.3. 如需與任何員工面對面見面 / 開會,請提前預約。

5. 訪客健康和安全守則

5.1. 除非您有特定的醫療狀況,否則在進入建築物之前要戴上口罩。

5.2. 如果您需要口罩,辦公室可以提供(建議收費 $1.00)。

5.3. 消毒雙手並在入口處登記(離開時也需要登記註銷)。

5.4. 僅使用指定的門進入和離開建築物。

5.5. 不再提供非必要的公共物品,例如雜誌,文具和公用電話。

5.6. 飲水機或任何飲料將不再提供。請自備。

5.6. 時刻保持社交隔離。 遵守任何公共空間的限制使用人數。

5.7. 設施使用前後,請使用教會提供的消毒濕巾清潔所有接觸的表面。

5.8. 適當地棄置口罩和 / 或消毒濕巾。

6. 其他

6.1 如果您從加拿大以外的任何地方回來,請確保自我隔離 14 天。

6.2 如果您有密切聯繫,例如與正進行自我隔離者住在同一所房子,請您也確保自我隔離14 天。

6.3 如果隨時出現類似流感的症狀,請先撥打健康熱線 811 立即尋求醫療幫助。

6.4 請盡量留在家中,特別如果您是高危人仕。

6.5 遵守安全的 “人際空間” 規則。避免握手,擁抱或任何親密接觸的行為,而應點頭,微笑,揮手以表示彼此的關愛。

6.6 經常用水和肥皂徹底地洗手。

6.7 避免用未經清潔消毒的手觸摸臉部。






我 要 向 山 舉 目 ; 我 的 幫 助 從 何 而 來 ?我 的 幫 助 從 造 天 地 的 耶 和 華 而 來 … 耶 和 華 要 保 護 你 , 免 受 一 切 的 災 害 ; 他 要 保 護 你 的 性 命 。你 出 你 入 , 耶 和 華 要 保 護 你 , 從 今 時 直 到 永 遠 。